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20 Questions to get to Know Us Better

Q: What services do you provide?

A: We provide DJ Services for events (including sound support for ceremonies if desired); Karaoke; Uplighting; Monogram Lighting; Slideshow; & our Exclusive Live Slideshow

Q: What type's of events do you do? A: Wedding Receptions & Ceremonies; Corporate Events; Church Picnics; Private Events; Elopements; Family Reunions; High School Reunions; Karaoke; pretty much any type of celebrations where a DJ can be needed

Q: What is Uplighting? A: Uplighting - We place cordless (reduces tripping hazard) lights on the floor along the walls of your venue and shine them us the sides of the wall (In your color of choice) to enhance the atmosphere. We have also used these lights to enhance landscaping if your event is outdoors.

Q: What is Monnogram lighting?

A: We get your initials and the date of your event engraved in a steel plate and then shine it down on the dance floor or location of your choice at the venue. You can see samples of designed on our Lighting Page.

Q: What is the difference between Slideshow and Live Slideshow?

A: The Slideshow is when you provide us the photos to display in a slideshow during your event. Our Exclusive Live Slideshow is when we begin with photos provided by you and then as the event goes on we take candid photos during your event and begin showing them instantly on the slideshow. One the event is over you get copies of all the photos we took at your event. For more details visit the Live Slideshow page.

Q: What is your music library like?

A: We have a vast legal library updated weekly through a paid subscription service with about 60 - 100 songs across most genres (Latin, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Country and more) every week.

Q: How do we pick the songs for our event?

A: You can always call, send us an e-mail or for even more convenience one of the features of our online planner allows you to view our entire music library and walks you through which key songs need to be selected. You can can also enter general requests songs you want to hear during the evening, including allowing you to let your guests send selections as well. Upon request we can also turn on our "Live Request" system. This allows your guests to use their smartphones to submit requests "Live" during your event.

Q: Do you always play all requested songs?

A: We try to play as many requests as possible; but, one of the things you are paying us for is our expertise some songs just do not lend themselves well for certain events or keeping your guests on the dance floor.

Q: Wait a second! What was that answer a moment ago about an on-line planner?

A: Yes, once you hire us as the musical host for your event you get access to on-line planner. This on-line planner is available to you 24/7 while never a substitute for emailing or calling us directly; it allows you to plan you event at your convenience. Say 2 in the morning, can't sleep... logon and do some planning.

Q: What all can I do in the on-line planner?

A: The planners are customized depending on event type; but some examples other then music selection are: Build a timeline of key moments during your event (Grand Entrance, First Dance, Toasts, etc...); Provide other key information (Wedding Party Names; Event Colors; Toasters; DJ Setup Location; Other Vendor Contact Information (so it is all in one place) & more.

Q: How much do you charge for events?

A: Our prices varies on event type and options you are interested in. These help us determine how much equipment is needed to make your vision become reality.

Q: What are your payment details?

A: An initial payment is required when the contract is signed to secure our services. Final payment is due aprox 60 days prior to your event date. We can even work with you to spread out your payments to help fit your budget. A small convenience fee may be applied for payment plans.

Q: What are the payment options?

A: Payments can be received in the form of cash, check (form a local bank), electronic invoice, or can be made at your convenience through the on-line planner.

Q: Do you travel outside the Charleston area?

A: We have traveled over the state (and slightly beyond) for events: Myrtle Beach; Savannah, GA; Beaufort; Columbia; Spartanburg are some locations we have performed in. Keep in mind some travel will incur additional expense depending on the location and time of your event.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: We are a licensed LLC in Charleston county and registered with the state of South Carolina. We are insured and would be happy to present our certificate of insurance to your event planner or venue coordinator upon request.

Q: Can we come see you at an event?

A: Most of our events are private and public vs private events are not good comparisons since private events require a lot more planning with each client. I do not consider it professional to invite potential clients to a client's private event?

Q: Do you have reviews and references?

A: Of course. You can check out some of our reviews on our website, Wedding Wire, & Facebook. We can also provide information with other wedding professionals we have worked with in Charleston upon request.

Q: What is the best way to contact you? A: We are open to e-mail, phone calls, or texts. The best way to provide us the initial information about your event is to check our availability and complete our initial event form.

Q:How many events have you performed? A: Including All Event Types... we do not have an exact number; but it is well over 2000 events since we started DJ'ing.

Q: What is the best advice you can provide to those couples planning a wedding?

A: Be comfortable with your vendors. You have to have confidence that you have selected the best vendors for your event. You will enjoy your planning and definitely the event itself if you trust your vendors to do the best job possible. When you hire them, you are not only only paying for the service they provide, you are paying for their professionalism and experience. Having confidence in your vendors will greatly reduce your stress in the entire process from planning to the completion of the successful event. Before hiring, do some research on each vendor: read their reviews; check out their website; check out all their social media feeds; ask for proof of insurance and license... a little upfront research can help you make the best decision on vendors you are entrusting to make your event a memorable success. For more on this you can check out our Q&A suggestion guide for selecting vendors.

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