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New Lighting Services

I am a very fortunate person you enjoys what I do, being the musical host and helping people coordinate their celebrations on one of the most important days of their lives. After a lot of researchig (marketing and product); I have expanded my lighting options to include to uplighting and GOBO projection to augment my current offerings of dance floor lighting and projection services.

Let's start off by talking about GOBO's. These can be pre-cut scenes or images to ejnhance your wedding venue like the or customized for your specific event I have some samples of the customized ones below:

They can also be made in color. Prices for this vary depending on the style, design and color chosen. I do not cut the gobos, so the design needs to be send off to be laser cut, please be sure to allow plenty of lead time for this. One of the best advantages is that after the event the GOBO becomes a keepsake that can be framed, used as a Christmas ornament or kept with your other precious momentos.

Venue Uplighting is another popular way to accent or enhance your event venue. Use it to help set the mood and turn the bland into something unique. Choose from a wide variety of color to accent columns, illuminate corners or just bring unique lighting to the edges of your event. In the picture below you can see s small sample in the back corners of the dance floor area (keep in mind these photos were taken with flash and dance floor lighting as well so they do not cause the uplighting to "pop out" if there was no flash used.

These new options coupled with our very popular dance floor lighting and or our unique "Live SlideShow" (!live-slideshow/c1p1j) can work together to bring you and your guests a very unique and memmorable event.

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