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Our On-Line Planner

Our last Blog Entry mentioned our on-line planner, just one of the advantages we provide to all of our clients. While never a substitute for working with us directly it is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This allows our clients to plan at their convenience. Many of our clients, especially brides love the advantages it provides. We thought we would do a short blog entry with some details on some of the features.

planning login photo

To the left is the basic login screen. We provide each of our clients with a username and password unique to them for their events. The options available after login are unique to each type of event. A corporate event is different than a wedding reception and that is different from a Sweet 16, etc... So we will cover some of the features that are same across the event types.

After logging in you get the following screen which provides you a summary of everything for your event. You will see a list of your upcoming event(s); view your profile; see event details; plan your event; summary of event related e-mails; make a payment; even contact us through the planner instead of using your own e-mail.

Planning Landing Page

After clicking on "Plan My Event" you are taking to page with all the planning related options for that event:

The key pieces that change for event type are the Planning Forms and Timeline.


Let's be honest this is by far the most useful and fun part of the event planning tool. You can Add Requests:

This allows you to search our entire library and add songs under Must Play, Play if Possible, Dedications, etc... You can search by Artist, Song, Genre, Top Hits, etc... if you cannot find it in our library do not worry. You can type it in and we will get a notification that we need to acquire that song and add it to our library for your event.

Clicking on the Special Songs button (top right); a list of regular songs related to you event type will pop up and allow you to make these selections. All these are optional, depending on the events you want:

If you need suggestions for the key events Click on Top Hits > Wedding you will see a list of suggestions for some of the key events.

Guest Requests

You can even provide a link to send to your guests to allow them to enter requests for your event. (Keep in mind it is no guarantee that all requests will be played.. some song requests may not fit the event.)

Event Forms

The event planning forms allow you to enter key event details: wedding party names in order for the Grand Entrance Introductions; who is providing toasts, DJ setup location, etc...

Timeline Clients can also build a timeline for the evening:

These are some of the benefits of our online planning portal. Hope you found this useful! Be sure to contact us for your event's musical needs.

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