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A Professional Better Be Prepared

Usually I do not have the luxury of enough time to put out another Blog Post this quickly; but something happened this past weekend and it got me thinking. Here's the story...

I arrived extra early for a wedding reception this past weekend. I wanted time to test out a new piece of gear. (A Wireless transmitter and receiver that would allow me to have one setup inside for the dinner, dancing portion of the reception. This setup would transmit the signal to a second setup outside where the bar and some games were setup). I get both stations setup and am attending to the details: area cleanup, DJ Booth skirting, mic testing etc... from the corner of my eye I see smoke pouring out of my second setup outdoors. I run out there and see it coming from the primary amplifier. I shut it off, fire up the backup and ready to go again. The evening goes off without a hiccup. Near the end of the evening, the mother of the bride comes up to me and thanks me for a job well done. Then she proceeds to tell me [paraphrasing] "I have been so stressed about this day for the past 9 months. Then it rained this afternoon I had a meltdown. Then I get a call from the maid of honor saying..'I do not want to alarm you.. but the DJ's gear is smoking!'. I call my daughter (the bride) all in a panic and she just said 'Mom, calm down he is a professional. I am sure he has it covered'".

I am not sure I have received a better compliment than that, ever! While I am proud of that confidence, the important thing is any piece of hardware can fail unpredictably. The one that failed on me was still under warranty, less than 2 years old, and in great condition. But being under warranty helps you get is replaced, it does not help you get or keep the party going at the moment. A professional DJ's responsibility is to the clients who hired him. The blown amp or failed equipment is not, nor should it be their concern. Always have backups on hand and be ready to roll on to provide the bride and groom the entertainment services you promised. One of the marks or a good professional is being prepared, able to adapt, and keep the celebration going!

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