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Why you hire professional wedding entertainment.

Why you hire professional wedding entertainment.

This is a follow up entry to the previous post on what to look for in professional wedding entertainment. You put all that time, effort and research to find and qualify the right professional DJ for your reception because a Professional DJ knows....

  • Your time is important - A pro DJ knows you could be coordinating with several vendors, guests, family, etc... on different facets of your wedding and reception. How can they make what you need to discuss with them easy for you. Usually you can expect a replay in 24 hours (usually much less). Sometimes we are not immediately available but will get back to you as soon as possible. RCBAudio has several benefits to help you communicate with us:

RCBAudio On Line Wedding Reception Planner

  • You can reach us by phone, email, text, or send us a message directly through our on-line planner (see more blow). Many of our clients often send us messages through Face book ( or G+ (

  • Our on-line client portal is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Plan at your convenience. Enjoy our older blog article about this unique feature here Blog: Plan on Your Time Don't worry we are automatically notified each time you make a change and review any changes daily to make sure we stay on top of your needs. Some of the features on this planner include:

  • Comprehensive planning worksheets for the wedding and/or reception

  • Timeline Builder

  • Guests Management

  • Make song requests and DNP (Do Not Play) Lists

  • Allow your guests to make requests

  • Review Service Agreement

  • Contact us directly

  • Provide Vendor contact information

  • Additional Event Information

  • Refer friends

  • Communication and Coordination with other vendors is a must for a successful event Even if we have worked with your other vendors in the past; we will make every effort to touch base with just to introduce ourselves and let them know we are looking forward to with them to help make sure you event runs smoothly and is a success. One of the features in the on-line planner is a timeline builder for the event. You can easily send them copies of the final timeline or ask us and we will be happy to do it for you. We arrive early to every event to make sure we touch base with the other vendors, review the timelines and make sure everyone is on the same page so we can all work in concert for your event's success.

  • Proper Prior Planning. A pro DJ knows there is a lot more to just showing up for an event and setting up the gear. The truth is for every hour your event lasts there is at least 30 - 45 minutes of behind the scene efforts we take for your event.

  • Setting up the important songs in a playlist for the important events (Grand Entrance, First Dance, Special Dances, etc...) so we can find them quickly and easy. It also helps to make sure we have the proper version of the song you want.

  • Additional playlist. Since we allow you to make requests in advance for songs you definitely want heard we need to make sure we have them ready as well. Even though we have an extensive library and constantly adding to it (about 50 - 60 songs a week); there is the occasional rarity where we have to get the songs through one of subscription services to make sure we have it for you.

  • Rehearsing. We rehearse the names we will be announcing during the event to make sure we pronounce them correctly. Even if last minute are required at the event, if you are familiar with the names involved a last minute change is easier to accommodate.

  • Constantly reviewing the planning worksheets and timelines for any changes.

  • Your Peace of Mind. You have put the time to research and find your perfect DJ Service; now enjoy the peace of mind that come with knowing you have hired a legally licensed business, fully insured, professional DJ Service.

Aside for the details above it all comes down to the clear and obvious answer, and it is the correct one...You want great entertainment you and each of your guests can enjoy and peace of mind it is done professionally.

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