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Ridiculously Photogenic Photography... nothing short of Art

Hello everyone. I knwo it has been a while since my last blog post and this wil probably be one of the few not pertaining to DJ related events.

Everyone remembers this ridiculously photogenic guy ( from the Cooper River Bridge Run... right?

Well a friend of mine took that picture. His name is Will King and he is a rising amatuer photographer here in Charleston, South Carolina. He has an incredible talent when it comes to the art of photography and a lot of his work is showcased for your enjoyment at his new site... Ridiculously Photogenic Photography ( Check out some of his incredible work at the links provided.

Below are some of my favorites.

I love the way the fog obscures the support cloumns of the brodge spanning the Cooper river.

full bridge fog.jpg

Indepence Day Celebration.

fireworks bridge.jpg

As you can tell I really enjoy his shots of the bridge, last one of the bridge at least... for now

Fog on bridge roadbed.jpg

Now some of my other favorites.

Sunset 1.jpg

Storm 1.jpg

A truly skilled artist who likes sharing his passion for others to enjoy. Look for some great photographry as his page grows.

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