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Hello again. For the second BLOG post, I thought I would tell you a little about me and what I can provide for a successful and memorable reception.

Why a DJ

There are several solid reasons why a DJ offers an advantage at any event, especially weddings.

  • Smaller space requirements. We can properly scale our equipment based on the space available. There are some limits to this; such as, we cannot fit sound for a large reception (200+) people in a 5 x 5 area; but if you reception venue can hold that many there is usually enough space for the equipment needed to project music for that size. Usually there is less equipment involved than there would be for other musical options such as a band.

In the images to the right you can see the smaller setup we used recently to minimize our footprint, but still provided more than

enough sound for the 500 sq foot room used for the cocktail service and dancing at a recent event. The setup was flexible enough to allow us to rotate the speaker pictured on the right to provide background music during the dinner and make the Grand Entrance announcements.

  • DJ's provide constant, consistent entertainment. We do not take breaks to re-tune equipment, because we are tired, our

mouths are dry.

  • We offer variety. We offer enough variety and wide selection of music to satisfy our client and their guests tastes of music. Being able to offer selections form multiple genre's can help insure that guests of all ages and tastes can hear some tunes they enjoy.

  • We can take requests and rarely have to say "We don't know that one, or we do not have that one." We subscribe to several services exclusively for DJ's, that allow us to get most any selection out there.

  • Announcements. Sure bands have microphones, but are they used to introducing people or being introduced themselves. We rehearse and practice introducing your wedding party and/or guests the way you want it done, based on the pre-planning meeting(s) we hold with you in preparation for your event to make sure we get it right. We do more than just introducing the wedding party. We can direct the guests toward the cake table at the appropriate time, request space on the dance floor for other activities (garter removal / toss, bouquet toss, etc...).

  • We are not a jukebox or human ipod. Some people actually think an iPod can satisfy their wedding needs. Such an attempt results in a few people playing what they want, leaving not only the other guests desires to the wayside, but the Bride and Grooms as well. There are breaks in the music and flow of reception while people argue over the next song they want to hear now. Who do the guests make their requests to?

  • Event Coordination. We can make sure everything flows smoothly at your event, by coordinating with the other vendors, while never having the music stop. We can make sure the photographer, videographer, etc are all ready for the cake cutting, bouquet tossing, etc.. the events you do not want them to miss.

  • Flexibility. We are able to fade music out or add an extra song to the set in the event of schedule changes. If the bride is not ready for the bouquet toss at the scheduled time... no problem, we can keep playing until she is, without a break in the music.

  • Less people to deal with. You do not have to deal with a drummer, singer, guitarist, keyboarder, manager, etc... you deal with one person to handle your music needs.


One thing that's gets brought up, either in other articles on DJ Services, or sometimes in the client meetings, is the Cheese DJ. You will not find that here! Why should anyone be focused on anything but the newlyweds. We prefer to keep the focus where it should be.. on the Bride and Groom! While we can be interactive and will certainly help with mc'ing we do not take the focus away from where it belongs.

Why choose us?

Experience is the best teacher. With almost 20 years experience in this line of work, we have learned many lessons. Most importantly, we work hard to make sure your needs are met the way you want them. We meet with you up front to discuss the details of your event: introductions, music selections, announcements, activities, games, etc.. whatever you need to keep your guests entertained. We have nothing to gain by having an unhappy client. In a business where word-of-mouth and reputation can hurt as much as help, your satisfaction in our services is as important to us as your event is to you. For almost every hour your event last at least another hour goes into it's planning: making sure the we use the right equipment, we have backups for all critical systems, designing play lists, practising announcements and introductions, setting up correctly, testing the equipment, most importantly meeting and communicating with you to make sure every detail is attended to and nothing is overlooked. We are At Your Service!


The important thing to remember whatever entertainment you hire a... DJ, a band, a string ensemble make sure they are a professional and commnicate well with you!

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