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I am just thrilled to introduce my latest service offereing... a Live Pics Slideshow! it is exactly as it sounds and is a fantastic way to keep breathing new life into your event.

Slideshows usually only hold guests atention for a small part of the evening; but, with this new option you guests will constantly be wondering what will appear on the screen throughout the night.

The night starts with 20 - 40 photos you have pre-selected to be viewed by your guests as they arrive and begin enjoying the evening. As they start arriving we get to work preparing the next phase of the slideshow. We will be taking random pictures throughout the evening and after a while we will begin moving the new photos into the slide show with the originals. As the night continues more photos will be added and we will begin phasing out the originals to keep the screen refreshing all night long with near real time photos.

Your guests will never know when or if a picture of them will show up on the screen, keeping their attention to the slideshow all evening. It adds to the life of party when they see themselves up on the big screen as they enjoy your reception. After the event we will gladly provide you copies of the photos we use in the slide show.

This service is not currently offered by our competitors in this area that we know of, let your reception be different and unique with a near real time slideshow.

We performed a live test of this new service this past weekend and could not have been happier. Our client said her guests were remarking to her all night about how much they liked it.

Contact us today to begin discussing the details of this new feature and be the first of your friends to have this at your event.

We test drove it this weekend at a 40th High School Reunion we did. It came off as a huge hit. We started with about 30 pictures from the graduating class' yearbook and by the end of the night we had photos of them doing them playing games, the group shot, dancing to the "Love Train", "Electric Slide" and more. Imagine this at yoru event... It can work if it is a class reunion, corporate event, sweet 16, holiday party, wedding receptions and more!

From this:


to this:

DJ_Charleston_Disc_Jockey_Ron_Swain_RCBAudio_Garrett_Class_74 (21).JPG

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