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Live Slideshow

OK, we have been getting a lost questions to explain our newest Add On Service a little better. So here we go:

What is the Live Slideshow?


This new service takes the traditional idea of slideshow and projects it into the now! Have you ever been to an event where a slideshow was running and over and over again... all night long? Well let's change things up a bit and put a modern day spin on it! We start off with 40-60 pictures pre-selected by you that you want to share with your guests. They can be of anything that is important to you: photos of each of you growing up, significant moments, engagement photos, etc... When your guests arrive you will notice that the guests ooh and aah for a while but just as they get used to seeing the same photos over and over again, this is where the Live Slideshow keeps the novelty going. As we get closer to dance time we start pushing photos that we're taking into the slideshow. Slowly, it morphs from 'memories' to 'what's happening now'. It's amazing to see the reaction of the guests when they see the first room shot hit the screen and it helps to encourage people to enjoy themselves and ham it up. Anytime they see their picture pop up you'll see them laugh and tell their friends 'Look at me'. It gives them 5 seconds of pseudo-celebrity. When the event is over we will send you A copy of all the pictures we used in the Live Slideshow. This is a great way to keep your slideshow fresh and your enhance your guests enjoyment of the event!


Let's check out the following example:
(The images used in the example below are from a recent engagement party we provided DJ Services and our Live SlideShow option. Enjoy!)



Starting slideshow.

These are photos provided to us by the clients, Usually we ask for about 20 - 30 photos to start off wth. So when your guests come into the reception area they see a slideshow similiar to the one below:

Next Step

As your guests are arriving, mingling, even watching the starting slideshow we are taking pictures. After about 30 - 45 minutes, just about the time they have all seen the original slideshow we start mixing it up... maybe adding some photos from cocktail hour. 

Check it out: (for the sake of time we will use only the last 2 from the starting slideshow above and start adding some new ones, normally all the orginals will be left in)

And it Just Keeps Going and Going

By now they are starting to get the idea. We keep adding as we are tkaing them. We can take a picture and have it in the slideshow within seconds. Sometimes we can have a picture of the guests dancing on the screen to the same song when we took the picture.  It is that seamless! 

Let's take one more (abbreviated) look at what the final slideshow may look like:

(Again for the sake of time we will use only the last 2 from the starting slideshow above and start adding some new ones, normally all the orginals will be left in)

Now lets Piece together for a better idea

Below is a more complete sample of the service. It starts with the pictures provided by you and within an hour or two the photos we are taking get moved into the slideshow to keep it fresh, entertaining and always changing to keep your guests entertained and involved!

Still Not Over

At the end of the evening we provide copies of the photos we put in the Live SlideShow to the Host and/or Hostess. They can enjoying viewing them anytime they want or provide them to their guests for their enjoyment.

We are thrilled to be offering this new service to the Charleston area and we are already getting great response form it. We would love to be able to provide this service at yoru next event as well.
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