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Karaoke Guidelines and Rotation

We certainly understand the purpose of Karaoke is to have fun with friends; but, we do try to follow some simple guidelines to try and create an atmosphere that will be fun for everyone present.


  • The first singer to turn in a request will be the first to sing. All others will sing in rotation in the order in which their requests are received.

  • If a singer turns in multiple requests at one time they will be inserted into the singing rotation in the singers turn..

  • New singers will be placed at the top of the rotation. (This assures that everyone will get to sing at least once.)

  • Duets and group songs will count as one turn for each singer.

  • No person may have a second microphone without the consent of the singer who turned in the request.

  • Any person that is not ready to sing when their name is called will be placed at the bottom of the rotation.

  • Any singer who turns in requests under different names, in an attempt to defeat the rules of rotation, will not be allowed to sing for the remainder of the show.

  • Any person considered to be too intoxicated, based on the discretion of the DJ/KJ, shall not be allowed to handle any Karaoke equipment (ie the microphones).  This helps us prevent possible damage to our equipment.

  • Any person abusing any karaoke equipment will be warned and if behavior continues will not be allowed to perform karaoke for the remainder of the event and the venue management will be notified.



Karaoke Tips & Courtesies  (Humorous but serious)

  • Please no screaming into the microphone.  Believe me we can make you sound loud enough.  This also includes bumping your hands on top of the mics or thumping them with your thumbs or fingers.  We test all our equipment before each show and pay enough attention to tell if one is not working.  And the fact is your screams are not as good as Steven Tyler's.

  • Please do not come up and tell me:

  • It's your birthday, anniversary, etc...

  • You or the person you have been trying to impress all night is about to leave..."

  • "you don't know who I know.. I know the owner"

  • "uh yea so do I ... he hired me."

  • "please please please please"

  • so this is why I should be bumped up on the list and sing next

  • We encourage performance so go ahead and jump kick, dance away, turn somersaults, etc...  just be careful not to damage any of the equipment.  We love a good show performer!

  • Don't assume that just because your best bud is crooning Sweet Caroline they are secretly dying for you to jump in and back them up with a "Bum bum bum". 

  • Don't heckle the singer, you never know if they hold a black belt, or are a boxing champion, or more likely had less to drink than you.

  • Don't change your song selection when you step up to the microphone unless you are willing to add substantially to the tip jar.

  • Resist the temptation to request a song that has already been performed earlier in the night.. remember your voice sounds different in a bar on a microphone than into the shampoo bottle with the water running.

  • It is not comedy night, do not feel the need to tell jokes before or after your performance.  Also ending every performance with "and someday that song is gonna be a big hit" gets old after the second time.  However, some states require you to follow every Elvis song with a mumbling.."thank you, thank you very much".

  • When your name is called do not go to the bar and order a shot before coming up to sing, other people are waiting for their turn.

  • KJ's are like doorknobs we try to make sure everyone gets a turn

  • Don't harass the KJ, his job is difficult as is, massaging ego's of all the other budding artists, without you telling him the karaoke is displaying the wrong lyrics for a song you have singing to yourself in the car for years..  odds are the lyrcis on the screen on right.

  • Tips for the KJ are not required but much appreciated.  It will not normally move you up in the rotation, but does let the KJ know you are having a good time.
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