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As extensive as our music library is, our Karaoke library is also very extensive. Because our libraries are all digital, there is no more need to remember to write down those annoying characters and numbers on a slip of paper - just your name, the song title and song artist.

We perform weekly maintenance, keeping our Karaoke library current and eliminating most duplicate selections. A lot of Karaoke Jockey's (KJ) claim that they have a huge library, but when you look at their books, you can usually find several copies of the same song by the same artist. Don't get me wrong, there are times where more then one copy may be needed - based on the key in which the music is set, but honestly how many copies of Margaritaville, or Friends In Low Places do you really need?

Our quality equipment allows us to alter the tempo on your selection to match your preference. Multiple microphones allows you to sing with a friend - or a group of friends. We have everything needed to make your karaoke experience the best that it can be.

If you do not see something in the song books that we pass out, be sure to ask us!! We add to our library on a regular basis, USUALLY WEEKLY!! We do our best to keep our books updated through a 'New Additions' page located in the very front of the book. If you ask us for something and we do not have it on-hand, we will do our best to get it through one of the many Karaoke providers we use.

We try to have as small a footprint as possible to provide more room for the singer(s) - and make every effort to setup in a way so that upcoming singers may turn in their requests with minimum distraction to the current performer. We provide a flat screen LCD monitor that allows the performer(s) to read the lyrics. We carry speakers to accommodate small or large venues.
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